The Li Foundation

The Li Foundation was incorporated and founded by the founder of Wah Chang Corporation, the late Dr. K. C. Li and his four brothers in 1944 to promote friendly relations between the United States and China. Educational exchange was deemed the vehicle for achieving this objective. The work and goals of the Foundation are carried on by Dr. Li's children and grandchildren, President Dr. Taie Li. Muriel Hom, Vice President of Cultural Affairs for The Organization of Chinese American Women approached her best friend Madeline Li Leong Way, then CEO of the Li Foundation for assistance in providing scholarship grants for the Chinese singers. A $50,000 grant was given in 1991 and the Li Foundation has been annually supporting the Fellowship program and the Productions of Opera International all of which have been dedicated to Madeline Li Leong Way.

The recipients of the Fellowships have been Zheng Cao, Hai-bo Bai, Hai-Ou Zhu, Hung-fa Chu, Hai-ye Ni, Chen-ye Yuan, Ding Gao, Guang Yang, Sun Yu, Yong Ma, Gequn Wang, Yuan Tian, Jingma Fan, Yi-Cherng Lin, and Jim Kuang-Cheng Li. The Singers have all entered into the mainstream of the operatic world and Hai-ye Ni, Cellist, Yong Ma, Flautist and Yuan Tian, Pianist continue to win international prizes and honors.

Today, the Chinese singers and musicians are established, highly respected, recognized and hold a very high place in the international musical world. This has been due largely to the support of the Li Foundation.


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